Seasonal Year 2018/2019
2007/2008 Boys Development Academy Registration

Included in club registration fees:

  • Team training fees
  • Goalkeeper training fees
  • 10-month season (games from September to May; practices start in August)
  • Practices – typically 3 per week (Monday through Thursday at 6:00pm; most will be at BRSC fields – practices start on 08/01/2018)
  • Games – Anticipating about 30 league games per team (home games @ IMG).
  • Background check and registration for all coaches, trainers and team managers.
  • Player registration fee.
  • League registration and referee fees.
  • Club overhead costs (county fee, field maintenance, field equipment, lights and administrative expenses and supplies).
  • Volunteer fee – each family is required to volunteer 4 hours per registered player to club events (tournaments and / or special events). Upon completion of the volunteer hours and written request, $50 will be refunded.

Boys Development Academy Registration Fee = $1,775.00

Additional fees not included in registration fees:

  • $150 Team Fee – every team (not player) is assessed a team administration fee (this fee can be paid from team fundraising or sponsorship).
  • Uniform – all players will be required to purchase a BRSC game uniform kit (2 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks), at least 1 BRSC practice kit (jersey, shorts and socks – 2-3 kits recommended) and backpack (optional). The approximate costs are as follows:  game uniform kit $135.00; practice kit $25.00/per kit; optional backpack $50.00; and optional warmup jacket & pant $80.00.  The uniform kits are 2-year cycles.  The 2018/19 season will be the first year in our 2-year cycle. Additional information on ordering the uniforms will be provided but should be ordered as soon as possible because of supplier lead times.  Game uniform kits will have the Development Academy patch applied (patches will be supplied).
  • Team tournament fees – Development Academy teams may only participate in Academy approved tournaments. The fees associated with entry, travel and coach travel expenses are not included in player registration fees.  These fees can be raised from team sponsorships, fundraisers and / or family contributions.
  • Referee fees for any DA approved friendly scrimmages are not included in player registration fees.
  • Fitness and agility trainer fees are not included in player registration fees. These fees can be raised from sponsorships, fundraisers and / or family contributions.
  • Hotel fees, airfare, coach per diems are not included.


2007/2008 Boys DA Registration Info