Competitive Program FAQs

What is the difference between Competitive and Recreational Soccer?

The major difference is the level of competition and commitment required by both the parents and the players. All competitive teams require an increased time, financial and training commitment.

Competitive Program Benefits Include:

  • Professional Coaching provided by our licensed staff
  • Increased Training (ranging from 2-4 days per week based on level and age)
  • Handpicked teammates that showcase cohesive skill levels
  • Teammates who are committed to improving the team’s skills and performance
  • Games played against more competitive teams
  • Games played against a variety of local and regional teams

What is the time commitment for BRSC Competitive soccer teams?

Academy (U8 – U10):

  • Requires a 6-9 month commitment
  • Fall season runs from September – February
  • Spring Season runs from March – May (Optional)
  • Training 2 times per week

Juniors (U11 – U14):

  • Requires a 9 month commitment (September – May)
  • Training 2 – 3 times per week

Seniors (U15 – U19):

  • Requires a 9 month commitment
  • Split Season – July – October then January – May (Due to High School Soccer Season)
  • Training 2 – 3 times per week

How much do competitive teams travel?

Most league play is semi-local (within 60-90 minutes of BRSC) with approximately 50% of the league games will be played at home. Tournaments are at the discretion of the individual coaches and level of play, but are typically within a few hour drive.

When are competitive league games played?

Academy (U8 – U10) – Most league games are played on Saturday’s with an occasional Sunday.

Juniors (U11 – U14) – Most league games are played on Saturday’s with an occasional Sunday.

Seniors (U15 – U19) – Most league games are played on Saturday and Sunday.

What will be the format for tryouts?

BRSC holds tryouts every Spring. The tryouts are supervised by the Director of Coaching and conducted by our professional training staff. The players are evaluated by their abilities in four areas: Technical, Tactical, Psychological and Physical.

When are the tryouts held?

Tryouts are typically held in the beginning of May. Details are communicated as soon as they are confirmed.

How will tryout results be communicated?

Every player who participates in the tryout sessions, will receive notification (via email and/or phone call) regarding tryout results (either way). Our goal is have all teams formed and communications sent out with 2 weeks after tryouts concluded.

How will teams be formed in each age group?

The number of teams formed (Premier, Elite and Select) are dependent upon how many competitive level players participated in the try-out process. Players that participated in the tryout process are not guaranteed a spot on a team.

Can players move up in team levels throughout the season?

Players may be offered the opportunity to train and play with the higher level team based on ability and need.

What will be the financial commitment for the different level teams?

BRSC strives to keep fees as low as possible, utilizing many hard working volunteers to keep operation costs to a minimum and charging only what is necessary to cover our program, staffing, field and equipment costs. As a result, we are able to offer a high-quality program at costs less than comparable soccer clubs in the area.

Players are required to purchase both a Training kit and a Game kit for the season. BRSC runs a two-year cycle for both kits, with the kits alternating in years for minimal financial impact at one time.

  • Training kit cost – $25 per kit plus shipping cost
  • Game kit cost – approximately $130 per kit plus shipping cost
  • Optional additional items and Team Gear are available for purchase

Tournament, travel and individual team fees are additional and will vary by team. These fees are typically split between the players and can be offset by team fundraising and team sponsorship.

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